Reactions Magazine Selected Premia Holdings Ltd. (“Premia”) as its Launch of the Year

Premia is a Bermuda-based company that is backed by private equity firm Kelso & Company (“Kelso”) and insurer Arch Capital Group Ltd. (“Arch”). Premia raised US$510 million in initial capital, including US$100 million from Arch and its co-investors, US$300 million from Kelso and its co-investors, and US$110 million in senior unsecured debt from a leading private equity firm.

Premia’s January 2017 capital raise is notable for being the largest-ever start-up reinsurer dedicated to runoff solutions and for employing an innovative structure that was previously unutilized in the property and casualty runoff market. Upon its launch, Premia was immediately
recognized as a significant industry player and is now competing for some of the market’s largest runoff transactions.

Reactions magazine is a leading global re/insurance publication. Its annual awards recognize transactions that have made a lasting impression on the North American insurance and reinsurance industry.